Clients frequently underestimate the size of prints that should be purchased for hanging on their walls. Below is a sample of various sized prints in comparison to an average-sized sofa. To determine the correct size print to purchase, we suggest placing a ruler or a template piece of paper against your wall where you are considering hanging your prints.

Untitled photo

Prints and gallery wraps can be purchased in bundles to hang on a wall as a collage. Below are examples to demonstrate how you can mix and match your prints or gallery wraps.

  • 1 - 8x10, 1 - 11x14, 1 - 16x24

  • 2 - 16x20, 1 - 20x30

  • 4 - 16x16

  • 4 - 11x14

  • 4 - 8x10, 1 - 16x24

  • 3 - 16x24

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