What to wear - EM Dash Photography

What should you wear to your portrait session? For your portrait session, we recommend solid colors or minimal prints. Prints tend to be distracting and take attention away from your face, as well as compete with the surroundings. Also, please avoid anything with logos, characters or graphics, unless the session calls for it, such as a theme. Also, while complementary colors are great for multiple people, we advise against matching identically. 

Wear colors that flatter your skin tone and that are in the same tonal range, such as dark burgundy top with brown pants or skirt. Muted tones instead of bright reds and yellows or lime green, generally look better. For women, we recommend tops with a sleeve. Layers and textures can add interest. Avoid anything too trendy and fashionable. We want your photos to be timeless.

Clothing should fit well on your body. Remember that color and style choices can accentuate or detract from areas of your body. Be comfortable.

We do have a changing tent for on-location shoots, that provides space and privacy to change outfits during your portrait session.

We recommend wearing dress shoes instead of tennis shoes, unless it is for themed shoot (i.e. you're an athlete and will be shooting in your uniform). 

Accessories should compliment, but not distract. Less tends to be more, but we love a scarf or great necklace as an accent.

We recommend wearing your hair how you normally do. If you change your hairstyle or get a new cut, make sure to do it at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled session. 

Wear make-up as you would daily. Do not apply extra. Less is more. 

For more tips, check out Pinterest.

How should you pose? Although we will pose you, we do recommend being natural and comfortable. Laugh, smile and have a great time.

What else? If you have props that you would like included, please let us know prior to your portrait session. 

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